Alan Vaksman
Founder and chairman of advisory board
Alan Vaksman
Alan is a senior financial services executive with an extensive corporate investment banking experience on the board of the top 3 largest bank in CEE. He was a partner at PwC, focusing on the financial services risk management and capital markets consulting.
Having worked in banking and management consulting in the UK, South Africa and Russia, Alan has not only built a vast network of professional contacts and experts, but also gained an in-depth understanding of global financial market developments, technological advancements across those regions, and hence is in a unique position to identify and address emerging market opportunities in his area of expertise.
Alan is a successful angel investor, holding a diversified portfolio of several growing fintech, communications and insurance ventures. He has also invested in and launched a UK-based alternative lending platform and a supporting fund to address the SME lending gap.
He’s serving on the board of the following industry majors:
  •, leading online entertainment company in Eastern Europe
  • STC Group, large developer of voice and multimodal biometric systems
  • as well as a Swiss corporate bank.
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